Here you will find artwork that was created with nothing more than a pencil and paper (and sometimes charcoal, ink, pastels, etc.)... and the creativeness of my fingers, of course! I like to call this old-fashioned or traditional art, which it has become due to the advancement of technology.

I apologize for the lack of artwork in this section. I always say that I need to get back into my traditional art, but it never seems to happen. Maybe someday....



1998 - Freshman year of high school; Pencil and paper.
2008 - College drawing fundamentals class; Pencil and paper.
2008 - Focusing on lighting/shading, drawing from a photo.
2008 - Again focusing on light/shadows, this time inverted.
2008 - Final art project; comparison of realistic butterflies to vector style butterflies.
2008 - Abstract project to get familiar with using india ink.
2012 - Quick sketch for the drama geek in our house, done in pen.
2014 - My traditional drawings for Christmas cards, using pen.
2015 - Christmas card decoration, using pens and a Sharpie.
2015 - simple Christmas card decoration, using pen.
2015 - another simple Christmas card decoration, also using pen.




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