Here is my collection of photos that I have taken of domestic animals (a.k.a. pets). This is a mixture of my own pets that I've loved and cared for throughout the years, and those that belong to my family and/or friends. Either way, they are all adorable and were a joy to capture on camera!


Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

ALBERT IN SNOW | Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
OOZIE AT REST | Greenwood, Arkansas
NAPPY ON ALERT | Brentwood, California
BRANDY, HAPPY | Bethany, Oklahoma
BRANDY, LET ME SLEEP | Bethany, Oklahoma
BRANDY, ALERT | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
BRANDY, ACROSS THE YARD | Bethany, Oklahoma
BRANDY, GARDEN GUARD | Bethany, Oklahoma
NAPOLEON | Brentwood, California
GUINNESS, CLOSEUP | Brentwood, California
GUINNESS, CONCENTRATE | Brentwood, California
MATTIE, RELAX | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MATTIE, AWARE | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MATTIE'S POSE | Bethany, Oklahoma
HAPPY MATTIE | Bethany, Oklahoma
MARA JADE, STARE | Arlington, Texas
MARA JADE, CAT DIVA | Arlington, Texas
MARA JADE, HIDE | Arlington, Texas
MARI & GUINNESS | Oakley, California
GUINNESS, STARE | Oakley, California
ALASKA, ALERT | Sharpsville, Pennsylvania
STANDING OUT | Fort Smith, Arkansas
HONEY | Lakewood, Arkansas
GUINNESS, CUDDLE | Brentwood, California
MARI | Brentwood, California
GUINNESS, TWISTED | Brentwood, California
NAPPY, WIDE-EYED | Oakley, California
CUDDLE BUDDIES | Oakley, California
MEET JADE | Oakley, California
JADE, WAVE | Oakley, California
JADE, STRETCH | Oakley, California
JADE, BEAR-FACE | Oakley, California
JADE, CURIOUS KITTEN | Oakley, California
JADE, EXTREME CLOSEUP | Oakley, California
DOZER'S FIRST MONTHS | Oakley, California
THE ROPE IS MINE | Oakley, California
DOZER THE DANE | Oakley, California
SLEEPY PUP | Oakley, California
BROWN & BLACK | Oakley, California
RELAX | Oakley, California
HAPPY DANE | Oakley, California
MATTIE MAE | Bethany, Oklahoma


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