Back in October of 2006, I traveled out to Charleston, West Virginia to visit my dad, who lived there for about a year and a half.  When he wasn't busy working, we spent some time driving around the area and capturing the beautiful scenery, which is what you see below.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

A view of downtown Charleston, West Virginia.
Autumn-colored trees along the highway.
Peaceful swamp among a park.
Shaded by trees in a park.
Just a random lake scene in a small town.
The Glade Creek Mill in Fayette County, WV.
Another view of the Glade Creek Mill.
Some of the falls that surrounded the area.
Dam further along the way.
Rock scenery near the mill.
New River Gorge overlook.
Closeup of the Gauley River.
Farther view of the Gauley River.
Looking directly through the New River Bridge.
Railroad tracks under the New River Bridge.
A portion of the New River Bridge.
New River Bridge, almost in its entirety.
Very small part of the bridge, plus some foliage almost making a silhouette.
Random small waterfall around the area.
Stairs that I found interesting.
Really old post office building in the town of Kanawha Falls, WV.


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