Over the past few years, I've been accumulating design work involving logos, either for my own purposes, or friends and family who have asked me to design one for them.  So here you will find those logos that I've created.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

First mock-up of the PERI logo; this was also my first ever [serious] attempt at a logo.
Getting closer to the final version, but not quite.
Final version of the Pure Earth Resources logo.
Designed for my brother when he was starting up his own LLC.
Different versions of the logo created for The Gun Rack forum that my husband runs.  The bottom is the one they are using currently.
Created for a friend's general discussion forum; see it live @ www.yaketys.com.  I manually drew the yak in this one.
Another request from a friend, looking for a creepy, Harry-Potter-ish type look, yet modern.
Designed for my mother, for the company she is starting up with a friend.



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