Listed below you will find banners that I have created for my own personal use. They have been inspired by personal experiences and interests, as you can clearly see. They are listed from oldest to most recent.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

My first ever signature banner | the background on this one became my ''signature'' design among the forums I frequented | Text credit: 'Awaken' by Disturbed.
Experimenting with a new 'techy' style technique.
Just a simple banner, using brushes.
Very early signature banner.
Grunge-ish style banner featuring an old nickname | Text credit: ''Name'' by The Goo Goo Dolls.
One of my early signature banners.
One of my favorite signature banners | Text credit: ''Wind of Change'' by The Scorpions.
Experimentation with a new technique.
First version | Text credit: ''One Love'' by Sister Hazel.
Second version | Text Credit: ''One Love'' by Sister Hazel.
Signature banner created out of college boredom; background created completely from scratch with NO brushes.
Inspired by my favorite flower, the tiger lily | The text is the flower's meaning.
Inspired by my cousin's adorable daughters.
Signature banner, minimal brushes used. | Text credit: ''Life After You'' by Daughtry.
Inspired from Dishwalla's song, 'Every Little Thing.'
First version of this banner, see next image for the final.
Inspired from a random quote that recently caught my attention.
Experimental diptych banner creation. | Text credit: ''Amaryllis'' by Shinedown, which was also the inspiration.
Inspired by a graphic design competition based on sports.
Experimentation with using a C4D render I'd made previously.
Inspired by a graphic design competition based on favorite animals.
Random banner creation, with text from ''Kill Your Heroes'' by AWOLNATION.
Revised version of previous banner.
Experimentation with a new program Apophysis 7x for renders. | Text credit: ''Stubborn Love'' by The Lumineers.
*NEW* Simplistic banner created from a photo I'd taken and a quote I instantly loved.



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