These are graphics that are not quite small enough to be considered banners, yet not large enough for wallpapers. I just call them posters.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

Tribute to hilarious  comedian/actor Adam Sandler
Tribute to always entertaining actor Ashton Kutcher.
Tribute to the beautiful and talented actress Jennifer Aniston.
Tribute to the amazingly talented and funny actor Jim Carrey.
Tribute to the wonderful actress Rachel Leigh Cook.
Inspired by the TV series, 'Heroes' character, Sylar--played brilliantly by Zachary Quinto.
Inspired by the movie, 'The Mexican'--starring Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts.
Inspired by this motivational quote, had to make a poster of it!
One of my first deviantART IDs made for my profile on the popular artist community website.
Another ID graphic created for deviantART.
Most recent ID graphic for my deviantART profile.
Inspired by the PS3 video game, originally created for a graphic battle.
Tribute to the incredibly talented actor Ryan Gosling.
Tribute to Valentine's Day: The Story of Us, circa 2012!
Tribute to Valentine's Day: The Story of Us [v2], circa 2018!



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