I occasionally design website layouts, either for clients, myself, or just for the pure fun of it. I've put together simple website formats, blog-style layouts, and Proboards forum layouts as well. Here you will see a collection of these various types of website designs.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

Proboards forum theme, version 2; created for my forum, CYN.
Old blog design.
Original photoblog design for Eyes of Wonder.
Website design for Pure Earth Resources, Inc. [active from 2011-2019]
Art portfolio design from 2011.
(Live) Personal photoblog design. [http://photoblog.aprilbridges.com]
Proboards forum theme, for an MMORPG clan.
Proboards forum theme, version 3, titled: Cracked. [See it live @ crackyournuts.proboards.com]
Christmas-themed version of my forum's design.
Personal art portfolio design from 2012-2015.
Website design for Tails of Hope, a collaborative effort of five animal rescue groups in Pennsylvania.
Personal art portfolio design, 2016-present. (It's the one you're looking at now!)



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