Back when the forum era was in full bloom, before all the social media platforms erupted, I used to do a lot of requests on my own forum for graphics.  They were mainly for friends of mine whom I'd met on the forum, though I did get the occasional person who joined just to ask me to design something for them.  Either way, I treated each of these requests as carefully as if I was designing for myself, meaning that I put in a ton of effort to make them look exactly the way the requester wanted.  

I occasionally still take requests from friends though, to this day.  Here
 are my very favorites, out of all those requests that I have designed for others.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

Silent Hill signature banner request.
Fall Out Boy signature banner request.
Just a simple request for a friend.
Main banner request for a good friend starting a photography forum.
Coheed & Cambria signature banner request.
Gaming signature banner request.
Banner created for a clan on an MMORPG I used to play.  This is technically not a request, just something I made for them.
Banner request for a wrestling roleplay forum.
(A portion of) the avatars that I created for the wrestling roleplay forum.
The best of the board images created for the wrestling roleplay forum.  These described what was inside each specific board.
User rank buttons created for Movie Center, a forum inspired by film & TV discussion.
Customized promotional staff banners for Movie Center, a forum inspired by film & TV discussion.



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