These are my various attempts at pixel art, which is the incredibly tedious process of creating an image from tiny squares (pixels).  It can be extremely time-consuming as well, but the end result is more than worth it!  

What I've created are mainly smileys and icons for my forum, along with other forums as well, who have requested them over the years.  Even though the process can be exhausting, I always have a bit more pride in these little graphics, because of how they are created and the extreme sense of accomplishment in seeing the end result.

Remember to click the thumbnail to view in full-size, along with a short description.

Set of emoticons created for my forum, Crack Your Nuts [CYN].
Set of Halloween-themed emoticons, used on CYN every Halloween.
Set of Christmas-themed emoticons, used on CYN for the holiday season.
Set of grey forum emoticons.
Set of purple forum emoticons, initially created for a design forum.
Set of emoticons created for a wrestling forum.
Set of Proboards forum icons, created as a request for a talk show game forum.
Proboards thread icon set for CYN's version 3 theme.
Proboards thread icon set for CYN, first draft (never used).
*NEW* Set of emoticons created for a friend's forum, called The Kingdom.
*NEW* Set of Christmas-themed emoticons for The Kingdom, used during the holiday season.



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